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Best Credit Repair Companies 2023 – Honest Credit Repair Reviews and Actual Results | Our Top 7 Choices
Best credit repair reviews – Are you interested in hiring a credit repair company to raise your credit score? Choosing the right credit repair company can mean the difference between thousands of dollars and hours of wasted time. There are endless amounts of credit repair companies out there, and they all claim to offer the same thing: a higher credit score at a low cost. But which of these credit repair companies truly do offer what they say they do? We have the answers. After conducting extensive research on all of the top credit repair companies out there, we have compiled a list of which ones are the best. Instead of doing a top ten list, we decided that we could only affirm, vouch for and endorse seven of the best credit repair services . Each service that we feature, we have actually used first-hand by our founder , someone in our company or by someone we know and the results have been documented. Disclaimer: If you sign up with one of these services through our site we may earn a commission (but not on all). It is more important that we are ethical, upfront, and transparent in our findings and that you can trust our reviews to help you make the right decision about which credit repair company to choose.
#1 Sky Blue Credit
#1 Sky Blue Credit Sky Blue Credit is a reputable trusted company that has been repairing credit for many years. It is, from our hands-on trials and findings, the #1 overall best credit repair company. We have also chosen them as #1 for fast credit repair.
sky blue
No-Nonsense | No-Pressure Courteous Team
They are comprised of a team of credit specialists that are extremely courteous and professional. If you’re looking for a credit repair company that has repeatedly shown successful results for years and years, then Sky Blue is a great option!
How Do We Know That They Work?
Because we’ve used them and we have proof of the results.
That is why they are our #1 choice for credit repair. See actual deletions that they have acquired for us
Also, see our in-depth review of Sky Blue Credit.
A+ BBB Rating and a 90 Day Money-back Guarantee
To add to your confidence level, it doesn’t hurt that Sky Blue has an A+ BBB rating after 25-plus years of being in business!
sky blue
And you want to use a company that backs up their service with a full 90-day (no questions asked) 90-day money-back guarantee.
A Case Study
Our Founder of this site, Charlie, used Sky Blue and had over 30 deletions
See more of Charlie’s story here.
Another close colleague of ours used Sky Blue with great results. After 7 months, his Fico Score went from 601 to 733 with 17 deletions of negative items (4 of which were charge-offs).
They have also helped other members of our team. See more of what Sky Blue has done for us! Visit their website for more information.
Sky Blue is a very trusted name in the industry. You can move forward with them to repair your credit with confidence!

Here’s Why Sky Blue is the Best Credit Repair Company
sky blue
  • Sky Blue offers THE ONLY 90-day condition free refund policy in the industry – You have 90 days from the date of enrollment to request a refund. It is that simple and that clear.

  • Sky Blue has an A+ Rating with the BBB  –  An A+ rating after 31 years in the industry. Need we say more?

  • Sky Blue is the ONLY all-inclusive service – Professional credit report analysis, faster disputes, custom disputes, statute of limitation research, score assistance, credit rebuilding, debt validation, goodwill letters, cease & desist letters, and debt settlement/negotiation consultations. Everything is included. No upgrades are ever needed.

  • The ONLY 35-day dispute cycle – Most credit repair companies have 45-day cycles in-between disputes. With Sky Blue Credit your turnaround is much faster.

  • The ONLY flexible payment program – Need a little time to get some funds together? You can temporarily pause your service with a click of a button!

  • One of the largest credit repair education centers online – Over 500 + pages of tutorials and tips.

  • Best support –  They do not have pushy salespeople. NO ONE at Sky Blue makes a commission. When they are done with your account, they will let you know. They will never drag you along.

  • You can quit at any time –  There are no long-term commitments. You can quit at any time with no penalty.

Take action now!
#2 The Credit People
Phone: 407-349-8847
Our #2 Overall Pick | The Credit People
credit people
Affordable Experienced Professionals
With years of credit repair success under their belts, the Credit People are up for the challenge to help you raise your score, and in turn, raise your status.
The Credit People  are true professionals and they are one of the least expensive companies on our list. Get into their program for a low monthly fee, and boost your score today.
You can even receive a free report and a free credit score through their website!
How The Credit People Helped one of our Colleagues
We can attest that The Credit People’s unique program is one of the fastest, best, and most affordable restoration services available online.
One of our colleagues tried the program (When their company name was DSI) with amazing results.
They realized 18 deletions in total, including a bankruptcy ! See our full testament of The Credit People on their company profile
Call 407-349-8847 today to get started!
#3 The Credit Pros
Phone: 844-694-0646
Our #4 Overall Pick | The Credit Pros
credit pros
Customer support that is second to none
The one thing that you can be sure of is that The Credit Pros will treat you in a courteous and professional manner. You will have full transparency on your account and you will know exactly what has been done each step along the process and your private information will always be 100% secure.
A true boutique company
You will also get the best customer support. Someone will always be there to help you or to answer your questions. Trust us, this is not extremely common with other companies. You will also get fully customized handwritten letters They do not print out generic letter campaigns as most of their competitors do.
Advanced technology
The Credit Pros are also ahead of their time with advanced AI technology (™), and CreditSentry™ where your credit reports will be monitored in real-time by Transunion.
Learn more about their advanced features here.
What The Credit Pros Accomplished for two of our Colleagues
We have a great testimonial from a colleague where The Credit Pros realized 15 deletions in five rounds of disputing. Her score went from 601 to 721.
Another colleague had 9 deletions in just two rounds with their “success package” which cleaned up his reports across all three bureaus (Transunion, Equifax, and Experian) and helped him to get approved for a mortgage. The Credit Pros were able to get a tax lien and three collection accounts removed because of inaccurate reporting.
# 4 Lexington Law
Our #4 Pick | Lexington Law
Established as a leader in credit repair in the United States, Lexington Law provides professional services and proven results. What sets Lexington Law apart from most other credit repair services is the fact that they are a law firm. With 22 lawyers working in 16 different states, Lexington Law has helped over 500,000 clients fix their credit over the past 20 years.
Another Real Case Study
We signed up with the Lexington Law program for 9 months , and during that period we saw 19 negative items removed from our credit reports (4 of them were inquiries). See a more in-depth close-up picture of our case study (look in the results section). We have recommended them to our peers as well as to consumers that reached out to us and weren’t sure where to turn for help. Visit the Lexington Law Website
credit repair
Our #5 Pick |
Comprised of a team of credit repair experts, is a modern and proven-to-work credit repair company. Their advanced credit repair techniques and state-of-the-art technology will prove to provide one of the most successful credit repair programs out there. Their interactive website will 24/7 client access is sure to impress!
Why they helped us
In 4 rounds of disputes, (about 6 months ), they deleted 17 negative items for us. We did not use the service that long and we still got really great results. See more of what they have done for our close constituents as well as how they have helped other clients.
credit repair
Our #6 Pick | Ovation
Simple, fast, and effective: those are the three entities that Ovation promises to every client. Offering professional credit report repair, two different credit repair programs, and proven results, Ovation is definitely a top ten credit repair company in the United States.
what they did for us
We used Ovation Law for 6 months with better than average results. They did not produce as well as some of the other companies but we still saw 9 deletions disappear within the 6 months with Ovation Law. They realized a bankruptcy deletion for one of our friends’ uncle. The deletion wasn’t for us but we did recommend them to Ovation when he ran into debt issues and had to, unfortunately, file for bankruptcy. See our full review

Criteria of How We Rank the Best Credit Repair Companies
Credit Repair
Credit Repair is your right
Making sure that your credit information which is being reported about you by third-party agencies is your right under the law. Although many people think that credit repair is not possible or that using an online credit repair company is illegal or may be a scam, the fact remains that hiring one of these online credit repair companies is completely 100% legal, and is your right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Many consumers do not know but the FCRA actually supports your ability to dispute negative erroneous items on your credit report.
Credit repair is possible
Chances are that by now if you’ve been searching on the Internet, you have seen many articles and discussions that state that credit repair is simply not possible. Many of these articles state that only time and paying bills responsibly is the only way to repair your credit score.
This is of course very sound advice and is of course also very true, but it is not the only way to raise your credit score. You are allowed by law, to dispute any and all items on your credit report. This is your right. It is the right of every consumer, and this law was created for your protection.
Wouldn’t you want the fair chance to remove items that really arent yours?
Let’s think about this for a moment. If an erroneous item was appearing on your credit report and it truly was not yours, wouldn’t you want the chance to have that item removed? Of course, you would, and, it’s only fair. And thanks to the laws that are in place to protect you as a consumer, you have the full right to do this and act upon this on your own. All you would have to do is dispute the negative item with the credit bureau. You would write a letter that simply states that this particular negative item is not mine.
The credit bureau then must take action and research your dispute. If they cannot find any evidence of this negative item truly being yours, then by law, they must delete the item from your credit report.
The credit bureaus do not know whether or not your dispute is frivolous. They have to determine that by doing their research. Now I am by no means suggesting that you send in frivolous dispute letters. You do not need to make up crazy stories or lie. You simply need to have the credit bureaus prove that every single negative item appearing on your credit report is actually yours.
You have the right to double-check any information at all, that you feel is inaccurate, which is showing up on your credit reports. Remember that the three major credit bureaus are independent companies that are buying and reselling information about you to creditors, lenders, and banks. You did not ask for this credit information to be compiled about you but it is and the laws are in your favor to ensure the accuracy of this information.
Believe it or not, it is up to you and you alone to make sure that the information provided about you is accurate. If you feel that anything at all is not accurate, or looks even remotely fishy on your credit reports, you should dispute them with the three major credit bureaus immediately. If you don’t recognize a particular item or a particular creditor; or even if your reported available credit line is not accurate, you should dispute it straight away.
Your credit report changes every single month. Every month your creditors update specific information about you and report it to the credit agencies. They update everything that they know about you including your account balances, inquiries, your recent payments, and existing credit lines, so you should be checking your credit report all the time to make sure that all of the information is 100% accurate. We would suggest checking the information reported about you at least once every two months at the very least.
Remember repairing your credit is your right by the law
This is your right. Why not take advantage of it. By law, your creditors (and the credit reporting agencies) must prove that everything appearing on your credit report is actually yours. You can dispute items on your own or you can choose from one of our recommended online credit repair services to do the work for you. Our recommendations are backed by real results where you can see previous actual deletion letters. The advantage of hiring a credit repair service is that they know the laws in each and every state and are able to expedite this matter for a small fee.
To really keep on top of what is going on, you have 2 simple choices…
sky blue
  • Choice 1: You do it yourself. You 100% most certainly can tackle this on your own. And if you have the means, the time, and the know-how, we urge you to do it yourself. No one will know your history better than you.  You would simply need to pull your current credit reports and go over each of them very closely and look for any incorrect information. You would then dispute all of the erroneous information that you found by writing letters to the respective creditors as well as to the credit bureaus. You have the right to do it on your own and/or hire a credit repair company. If you have the time and patience, by all means, do it on your own because you will save money. Here is a quick 10 step credit repair guide that should prove useful on your journey of DIY credit repair.

  • Choice 2: Hire a credit restoration service. The problem with this approach and strategy is that (in the past) it has been very difficult for consumers to weed out the potential bad credit repair companies from the good ones on the Internet. But by doing some research and by using due diligence, you can certainly search on the Internet and find some very reputable credit repair companies.

    And that is where we come in. Our reviews show the actual results achieved for previous clients by the companies that we are recommending.

    Which do we feel is the best overall credit repair company?

    Our #1 pick of the best credit repair company is Sky Blue Credit. You can read our full review of Sky Blue Credit to learn more about this company.

    There are advantages to using a legit credit repair service if you do not have the time or know-how to do it yourself. Some advantages are that they know the laws in each state. They know how to effectively write dispute letters that force the credit agencies to take action and lastly that they will work on your file residually and keep up on the process until the desired results are achieved. This list of the best credit repair companies was created to help consumers that don’t have the time to work on their own cases and so that they can find reputable agencies that can perform the legal services that really work. We of course cannot fully guarantee what your own individual or personal results will be, but we assure you that all the services on this list are 100% reputable and will show you positive results.

    The bottom line

    The bottom line is that you should take action in accordance with the laws that are on your side.  Whether you do it yourself and submit your disputes one by one or hire a reputable credit repair service, you will see that it is possible to get negative items deleted off of your credit reports permanently and that expedited credit repair is truly 100% possible.

We Have Been Providing Credit Repair Company Reviews for over 15 Years
So we know a thing or two! (That sounds like the Farmers commercial). :)
But seriously, we realize that having bad credit is a consequential problem and that there are many consumers out there that are not sure which road to travel on, and they are not sure how to deal with and fix it. Should they try to do it themselves or should they look for a reputable company that will genuinely have their best interests in mind?
Both options are viable and we aim to help you to do either or.
If you want to repair your credit yourself, we are here for you with plenty of resources . All you have to do is learn the laws and then learn how to write a dispute letter
If you don’t have the time or the know-how, we want you to trust have in us with the unbiased and factual reviews that we have backed up with real evidence.
Take a look at our case studies and in-depth reviews. Check out who we have determined as the best credit repair companies
We are your #1 trusted resource in repair for finding legit companies that provide commendable credit repair services.
We are not just another top ten credit repair companies website.
Please take the time to look around and we think you’ll agree.

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Credit repair reviews | Credit repair resources reviews

See our top picks of the best credit repair companies. Also see a list list of all credit repair companies in order from best to well, not so good.

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Which is the best credit repair company

What is the #1 best credit repair company? Our #1 choice is Sky Blue Credit Repair because they do not have a pushy sales team. They are rated high with the BBB and they also offer a 90 day full money back guarantee. They also get the job done. See our post does Sky Blue Credit Repair really work?, and also see the Sky Blue Credit Repair BBB rating with the Better Business Beauru. See third party ratings, reviews and testimonials of Sky Blue Credit Repair.

What to look for and watch out for when choosing a credit repair company
credit repair reviews
Due Diligence
Use due diligence and do research about the company.
Our site helps you to do just that.
The credit repair company should have good reviews
Choose a company that has a lot of experience with repairing credit.
The company should have a positive track record online with few or no negative reviews and should have a positive track record with the BBB.
The BBB is a 3rd party organization that helps consumers and businesses to resolve disputes. Accredited businesses that join the BBB support what the BBB does and they pay a yearly fee which helps the BBB offer its services to consumers for free. Not all businesses are accredited with the BBB but they may still have a grade rating (Of A, B, C, etc.) and you can still read reviews, customer complaints, and any disputes filed against them. You can then see how the disputes and claims were handled by the company.
Money-back guarantee
Choose a company that is willing to back up its brand with a no-nonsense moneyback guarantee.
There are no guarantees with credit repair but you want a company that is willing to put its money where its mouth is.

Make sure that they do not charge upfront fees

Never hire a company that charges you upfront fees.

It is for your protection that credit repair companies must start and perform some work for you before you pay them.

Are they making false claims?

Some unscrupulous credit repair services will falsely claim that they are affiliated with, and have an inside connection with the credit bureaus or that they are partners or allies with some sort of governmental agency. Beware of these declarations as they are both fraudulent assertions.

There is no such thing as guaranteed results

Beware of false claims of guaranteed results. There is no such thing as guaranteed results not just in credit repair, but just about with anything in life. They have not even seen your credit file yet. They do not know your situation and they do not know if there are any inaccuracies on your credit reports. How can they guarantee results? Run as fast as you can from these types of companies.

Promising to get you to a specific score

If they tell you that they will surely be able to get you a 750 credit score, again, run away as fast as you can. These are simply more false claims. Again, no company can guarantee you a specific score.

Promising to remove your accurate delinquent information off of your credit score

Although it is true that this is possible with some of the credit repair laws and legal loopholes that exist for your protection, however, the chances are unlikely, and telling you that they will do so is an immoral and untrustworthy claim.

Failing to tell you that you have the right to repair your own credit

You can dispute with the credit bureaus yourself. If they tell you that either you cannot do it on your own or that it would be a lot harder for you to do it yourself, they are lying.

They tell you not to directly contact the credit agencies

You have every right to do so.

They tell you to give incorrect information on credit applications because it will help you to get a loan

They are downright telling you to lie. How is that trustworthy?

Promising to create you a new identity

Watch out if a company says they can create you a new identity, and social security number so you can start off on a clean slate. This is an illegal activity and you could end up in prison.

Is the pricing reasonable?

Make sure that the pricing is reasonable and affordable.

Is there customer service good?

Are they giving you a lot of value? Does the information sound reasonable? Are they giving you the answers to your questions without being pushy? These are all good signs that they are a reputable firm.

Free consultations

The company should offer free consultations and absolutely should not have pushy salespeople.

We feel it is very important that you call and talk to a professional that represents the company (and not just a salesman) before you invest in their services.

If you are feeling like you’re being pushed into something, chances are that you are, and chances are that something that they are doing is not in your best interest.

You want a company that will go over your finances and credit situation and covers every single step of what will (or may) happen with your account.

They need to build trust with you.

Do not feel pressured into making a decision. If it doesn’t feel right, well then, it probably isn’t. Trust your intuition.

The one company that we can attest to that checks all these boxes is Sky Blue Credit Repair.

Also, see actual Sky Blue Credit – Credit bureau deletion letters that the company has achieved for us.

What to Expect From a Good Credit Repair Company



A good credit repair company will be personable and honest with you and not just simply treat you as a sale.

Your trust in them 

They will have the power of attorney to dispute negative items on your credit reports for you.

All of your information must be 100% correct and 100%  verifiable

They will go through your credit reports with a fine-tooth comb and they will know exactly what to dispute for you. All of the information that is reported about you from the three credit bureaus must be 100% correct. If there are any discrepancies whatsoever the items must be removed.

They will know the laws

A really strong company like sky blue credit will know all of the legal loopholes and laws so that they can get items that are not compliant with the law be removed from your credit reports.

Money-back guarantee

They will offer you an ironclad moneyback guarantee

They will not charge upfront fees

It is illegal for a credit repair company to charge you before they start working on your case.

They will not charge extra for services that should be included

A good credit repair company Sky Blue Credit Repair will never charge extra for additional services.

Here are some of the things that a credit repair company can do for you

  • Goodwill letters – They can write goodwill letters on your behalf to your creditors as well as to the credit bureaus.

  • Experience with bankruptcies – Although bankruptcies can be stubborn to get removed off of your credit report, a good credit repair company will know the loopholes especially on the public record end and they will have a much higher chance of getting a stubborn bankruptcy removed. learn more about getting a bankruptcy removed from your credit report.

  • Experience with bankruptcies – Although bankruptcies can be stubborn to get removed off of your credit report, a good credit repair company will know the loopholes especially on the public record end and they will have a much higher chance of getting a stubborn bankruptcy removed. learn more about getting a bankruptcy removed from your credit report.

  • Tax Liens – Tax liens are also stubborn items to get removed. But a good credit repair company will have experience with getting the job done.

  • Remove collection accounts – Having experience with collection agencies is a must. The company working on your behalf should know how to wheel and deal and be able to get collection accounts removed from your credit reports easily.

  • Getting judgments removed – Judgments happen when collectors do not get their money and they take the situation to court. If the court rules in their favor it will be a judgment placed against you and it will show up on your credit report. New laws have been made so that judgments do not appear on your credit reports so if you do have a judgment a good credit repair company can get it removed easily.

  • Writing debt validation letters for you – You all want the firm working for you so that they can validate all of your debts with creditors. If the creditor is coming after you to pay a debt, do not pay it until they send you a debt validation letter that will prove that you definitely owe the debt. If they cannot do that the item must be removed from your credit report.

  • Getting late payment removed – There are some tried-and-true techniques to getting a late payment removed off of your credit report. Your company should know the ins and outs to get this done for you.

  • Cease and desist letters – If there is a creditor that is coming after you and calling you at all hours of the night, by law they must stop sent a cease-and-desist letter. The company that you hire should be able to do this for you at no additional charge.

  • Inquiries – There are a couple of really good strategies to getting hard inquiries removed from your credit report. A good company will have the know-how to get the job done for you. Not all inquiries can be removed but in many cases, depending on the circumstances there are still ways to get the job done.

  • Charge offs – Charge-offs can lower your score dramatically. A charge-off happens when the creditor cannot get their money from you after many attempts. At that point they essentially write it off as a loss or in many cases they will sell your debt to a collection agency. Understand that this looks really bad for you because future lenders will see that the previous creditor just simply couldn’t get money from you and gave up on you. While charge-offs are stubborn at times to get removed, there are strategies in the way that you file a charge-off dispute. At times you can also negotiate a settlement and use the pay for delete strategy.

  • Custom disputes – There are times when 100% custom disputes must be sent. Many credit repair companies use templates over and over. A good credit repair company would never do that.

  • Statue of Limitation– You’ll want your company to be proficient in performing statute of limitation research. Collection accounts should never be disputed without knowing what the statute limitations are.

  • Help with rebuilding your credit –Not all credit repair companies offer with rebuilding your credit but the good ones do. Sky Blue Credit, for example, offers this service at no additional charge. They will also help with debt settlement negotiation consultations if needed.

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