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Choose the yellow “RTA” taxis which will be a little cheaper than the private taxis which will approach you in the street. If you can’t find a taxi, ask your hotel to call you one (+€1.70). You also have the option of taking taxis reserved for women.

In the Emirates, we strongly recommend the BOTIM application or use a VPN on your device to be able to enjoy audio and video calls on social networks. We recommend the “Free VPN” application which is completely free and super effective.

As soon as you arrive, you must obtain a SIM card in order to benefit from the call/internet network during your stay, Etisalat being the operator offering the most interesting offer for a short and medium term.

When you buy your plane tickets, remember to use your own bank card to benefit from VISA and MASTERCARD travel insurance (medical expenses, repatriation, legal expenses, etc.)

For your credit card payments on site, we advise you to pay in AED in order to benefit from the most advantageous rate.

When you are going to change your Euros into dirhams (AED), we advise you to go to the exchange offices in shopping centers or in the Deira district where you can negotiate your rate. Avoid the airport and hotels.

To rent a car, you must be of legal age which is 21 years old in the United Arab Emirates.

The language spoken is English


Jumeirah 3

Française (fast food)

Excellents sandwichs et accompagnements

(tout est fait maison)